DURBAN; Beverly Hills Hotel

Durban oh Durban! Where to start.. This gorgeous coastal city located on South African, eastern KwaZulu-Natal province is an absolute must see!

Living in London and missing home, my one of a kind family planned what I can only describe as the best surprise – a birthday weekend away in Durban!

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J’adore Paris

I spent a couple of days in Paris doing a few of my favourite things; exploring, trying different foods and having some amazing cocktails and wines.

One of my first stops was Cafe De L’Avenue which is located close to the Arc de Triomphe. I had a simple but delish Parma Ham and Cantaloupe Salad. The brasserie faces one of the beautiful traditional streets of Paris and feels like perfection on a summers day.


I visited a local bakery in Neuilly-sur-seine each morning picking up ‘A Palm Tree’ more commonly known as a palmier/cœur de France or elephant ear. Made out of all butter, puff pastry, they aren’t the healthiest breakfast option but are a personal MUST when in Paris.

The same goes for the standard Pain au chocolat that is complete with an espresso.

One more thing! For cocktail lovers (like myself) Publicis Drugstore on the Champs-Élysées is definitely worth a visit. I would recommend this particularly if you are looking for something trendy and  less touristic yet in a tourist area with great food, nice vibrant atmosphere, shopping and of course drinks all under one roof!

Set on the Kenyan coast, Afrochic Diani Beach is a beautiful villa-style boutique hotel of 10 rooms, embellished with Ethiopian art, a unique set menu and lovely staff.

I spent a week with family at Afrochic Diani Beach over the Boxing Day/New Years period. Those few days that go by where no one really knows what day or date it is until its New Years Eve. I had a lovely time and would recommend it to anyone. Paired with a good book, sunblock and some friends or family you are set to have a great holiday!


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